Commercial Law:

The details of a commercial real estate transaction are necessarily more complex than those involving most residential transactions. With over 9+ years of combined legal experience, Madaans LLP is well positioned to handle all of your commercial real estate transaction needs

Here are some items that add to the difficulty of successfully buying or selling commercial real estate: Regulatory issues, Multiple owners and title disputes, Financing problems and Issues involving rental properties and more

COMPLIANCE REVIEW: Nothing can delay a commercial real estate transaction or project more severely than a regulatory issue. We’ll provide compliance review to keep it running smoothly.

MORTGAGE PAPERWORK FAST: Our lawyers and legal staff will find problems in documents so that they don’t come bite you later on. Why wait if you can have it ‘Done Now. Done Right.

TITLE RESEARCH: Avoid issues with commercial real estate titles by using our expert research services. Uncover problems before they cause severe consequences later.